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Excerpt from Mining Chalk Pond – “At Hollis Dunton’s Gem Mine”

At Hollis Dunton’s Gem Mine

This excerpt from Robert’s novel in progress, Mining Chalk Pond, recently appeared in Maine’s Bethel Living Magazine.

Hollis Dunton of Newry stood at the top edge of a shallow, but wide, pit and made a big circular motion with both arms to catch the attention of all six guest prospectors. His mine was a wide expanse of boulders and broken rocks piled one on another in dangerous disarray. Around its perimeter lay fallen pines and stumps which had been pulled from the ground when he had blasted with dynamite. Beyond the edge of this wasteland were stands of first growth pine for which western Maine north of Bethel was known.

“Folks, this here pit is the Dunton family mine. Don’t look like much now, but the prospect for finding gemmy crystals in abundance is very, very good. Ask Mr. Hallett here what he found a week ago. Just ask anyone who has poked around in this pit. There are good pegmatite pockets sure to be found.

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